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15 ways to enjoy the outdoors this Autumn

The Autumn is our favourite time of year. The days get shorter (in a good way), the colours changing makes everywhere look stunning and the blankets and down jackets come out of hibernation. It really is the best time to get outside and get some fresh air before winter draws in and our adventure motivation is limited.

Here’s our top 20 ways to make the most of everything autumn has to offer

1. Go foraging

Toasted hazelnuts, sloe gin and blackberry and apple pies, the fruits of a successful trip into the woods. Enjoy the last of natures offering before winter rolls in. Be sure to pick and freeze enough berries for mid winter pies and brew enough sloe gin to warm you until spring.

2. Have a camp fire

Roast marshmallows, wrap up in blankets and get a pot of hot water on for some hot chocolate, spiked of course with something to give it an extra warming kick.

3. Watch the sun go down

Head to a high point after work in a clear, crisp day, with a flask of soup and your warmest coat and watch the sun go down. Head home to warm blankets, a slow cooked stew and a whole heap of Hygge.

4. Catch a cloud inversion

Take a walk at dawn somewhere scenic, get above the fog and catch the beautiful cloud inversions. Caused by cold air sitting in the valley, the clouds sit low down until the air is heated by the rising autumn sun.

5. Take a welly walk

Embrace your inner child, head to an open space and go on a conker finding, leaf kicking, welly walk. This is our favourite way to get some fresh air when we’ve only got an hour or two. Be sure to finish off your outdoor time with a conkers war and something steamy to warm chilly fingers.

6. Go canoeing

With colourful trees overhanging the water ways, rivers at exciting levels and hot chocolate breaks being essential, Autumn is the best tie of year to dust off your paddles.

7. Conker Wars

Go out and collect the biggest and best conkers, teach the little ones to use a drill and then have a full on conker war! Winner gets extra marshmallows on their hot chocolate.

8. Jump in leaf piles

The windy weather that accompanies this time of year conveniently piles leaves into piles which are great fun to jump into, kick about and generally be big kids with. Throw a few in the air for a brilliant insta photo.

9. Prepare your garden for next spring

Look ahead to next spring and plant bulbs now; Daffodils, tulips and many other perennials are best planted now for early shoots come first signs of warming soils.

10. Apple Picking

Or pumpkin picking. Find a pick your own and head on down for some seasonal produce picks.

11. Camping trips

Get one last (or a few) Camping trips in before the days become shorter than the nights. Take extra blankets, fill your trusty Nalgene with hot water for extra heat and make the most of the longer evenings with plenty of star gazing over a tipple or two.

12. Make Leaf Art

Not just for kids, making art out of autumns amazing colours can be a great way to decorate your home for the changing season. From using leaves for paper mache candle holders to fallen branch crafts. Pinterest is full of inspiration.

13. Throw an autumn BBQ

Gather some friends, take a stroll and then enjoy hot apple cider around the BBQ before putting it to bed for the winter.

14. Autumn Picnic

Pack a flask of something hot and steamy to compliment your sandwiches, an extra blanket for snuggling and watch the clouds roll by on a crisp cool autumn afternoon.

15. Dance in the rain

Wrap up warm and head out on a rainy day. Jump in puddles, splash in mud and dance in the rain.


What do you do to get outside during the autumn? We have some of our best adventures this time of year and they all make a hot bath and a warming bowl of soup feel even more comforting come the end of the day.


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