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30 Ways to Wild

Last year we took part in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild project, we’ve signed up to this years and we’re ready to roll! It’s a great way to encourage yourself to spend more time outside as the days continue to lengthen and the weather (hopefully) continues to get warmer. We spend a great deal of time outside all year round, both during our working days and into the evenings and weekends but this is a great excuse to try something different. If you’re looking for inspiration to get outside locally or even further afield, check out these 30 ways to be more wild during the month of June. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more Inspiration throughout the 30 Days of being more Wild. Happy Adventuring!

  1. Forage for Elder flowers and make enough cordial to last all summer long
  2. Forage for Wild Garlic, throw together a pesto, toss in some pasta and veggies and enjoy alfresco.
  3. Pick flowers to press, once they’re pressed and dried, frame them to make a piece of art for your wall.
  4. Head to the garden centre and then spend an hour or two arranging and planting your finds. Extra points for butterfly and bumble bee friendly plants and grow your own veggies.
  5. Picnic
  6. BBQ
  7. Throw on your costume/Wet suit and head to your local wild swimming spot. Make sure you wear shoes to protect your feet and acclimatise to the water to avoid cold water shock.
  8. Take a walk at sunrise
  9. Camp out, in the garden if you don’t have time to go further.
  10. Enjoy your morning coffee in the garden.
  11. Stay up late, get out of town, set out a blanket and look up at the stars. Take a flask of something yummy to warm your insides.
  12. Sit in your local green space and watch the world go by.
  13. Climb a tree, you’re never too old!
  14. Climb a hill and run back down it.
  15. Make a bird feeder.
  16. Head to your favourite wild spot with some rubber gloves and a bin bag and have an impromptu clean up. You’ll feel great after and the local wild life will be super thankful.
  17. Set up your yoga mat outdoors and get your flow on.
  18. Go out for a bike ride, without a plan, and see where you end up!
  19. Follow a stream, they travel through the coolest of places.
  20. Go Geocaching!
  21. Head out after dark between the 8th – 10th of June and walk without torches, using the full moon to light your path.
  22. Find your local canoe club and spend an evening on the water. You may even find a new hobby.
  23. Go bird watching. Even in Urban areas there are some amazing winged creatures, head outside of the city for a chance to spot birds of prey and some more rare species.
  24. Stand on a bridge and play Pooh Sticks.
  25. Head to the beach! Build sandcastles, swim in the sea, jump rocks and explore rock pools.
  26. Lie on the grass and look for shapes in the clouds.
  27. Use nature to make art, rocks, sticks and leaves make great materials! Photograph it and then let nature take it back.
  28. Plant strawberries in a gutter garden
  29. Throw on your wellies and waterproof coat and head outside in the rain.
  30. Head out for a walk without your shoes. Be sure to pick a muddy or grassy trail that is unlikely to have sharp rocks or glass littering the way.





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