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5 reasons you need a campervan

We’ve had a few ‘camper-vans’ over the years; there was the Citroen berlingo (car) with the platform in the back and blankets for curtains, the Peugeot expert with a similar platform that collided with another van before it could be used to its full potential and not forgetting the estate car that had a bit of plywood, some fairy lights and a cargo net thrown in so we didn’t have to use a tent. This time though, we did it properly. With a bit of research and a cringe at the budget, we invested in a Vauxhall Vivaro and set about converting it into the best camper the world has ever seen while trying to reuse and recycle as much material possible. How we achieved this is for another post, written by Joe, once the kinks have been worn out (and the electrics actually work!).

Even with its kinks and quirks, after 2 weeks in the mountains I’d recommend it to anyone! Yes, even you’re mr die hard camper with the full set up and pop up wardrobe in the back of your tent! Nothing gives you more freedom than having your bed and shelter with you wherever you want to go! On the other end of the spectrum, Mr 5* hotel; consider it an investment that allows you to spend more time in the mountains than your fancy accommodation habit allows.

Need some more convincing? Here’s 5 reasons to trade in the hotel room or trusty vango canvas for life on the road:


You can pretty much stop where you want to. Most towns have somewhere to stay, pull over in a country lay by or hide in the woods. Escape the rain and drive south, have a drink without need for a taxi back, picnic away from the bugs on a comfy seat. Park in the car park of the lift station and roll out of bed and onto the first lift. The choice really is yours!


Curled up, in the warm and dry, your own duvet and pillows, Pjs and a movie on the iPad, while a storm rages outside.

Coffee made without leaving your bed in the morning.

Fairy lights, a good book, a glass of fine French wine and a mountain view.

Need I say more?


Get back from your epic adventures and have everything you need, right there in the van. Food, water, bed, clean clothes, wine. So long as you park it near to a toilet you’re sorted for as long as you need to recover. No, you don’t necessarily have a shower (unless you have a big fancy van) but who needs that extra effort right now!


Cook dinner in the back, enjoy a glass of wine and spend an evening watching a movie, staring up at the stars or reading a book. Sit on the back step and bbq. Throw together a salad with local fresh produce.

Skip the campsite every night and find a quiet spot in the woods. Pick a van that doesn’t look like a camper and park up in a car park in the centre of town.


Opening the van door to the most amazing views, wild swim showers, waking up on the beach, the people you meet along the way. You chose where your trip takes you, you can’t guarantee an undisturbed nights sleep, a warm shower or a clean toilet but you can be sure that you will return with some amazing memories and a lust for more adventure.


If you want to spend less money on and more time in beautiful places, get out on more adventures and enjoy your free time to the max, invest in a van. You’ll never go back!


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  1. Dave

    4th September 2017 at 10:54 pm

    Great post Hev and so true.
    Happy travels 🙂

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