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Munro Bagging – An Interview with ‘an outdoor family’

Happy Weekend friends! we’re back from the alps and settling back into normality reluctantly.

We have an amazing interview for you today, we caught up with ‘An Outdoor Family’ to hear about their recent Munro challenge. It’s inspiring on so many levels, we jut had to share it with you!

Hello! Can you introduce yourselves?

We’re a family based in Perthshire who love getting out and spending time outdoors.

Stacey Wilcox – job is online retail, loves the mountains and big views, prefers autumn and winter and has a sweet tooth!

Keith – job is university lecturer, loves any sport that involves being outdoors and preferably going fast!!

5yo son – loves playing with Lego, wildcamping, running uphill, wildlife, hates broccoli!

Nice to meet you all! You are ‘An outdoor family’, what do you get upto together?

As a family, we love munrobagging and wildcamping. A munro is a Scottish mountain over 3000ft and a munrobagger is someone who ‘bags’ or reaches the tops. There’s a list of 282 munros throughout Scotland, so far we’ve done just over 40 as a family (though me and Keith have done a few more than that, we need to fill our own adventure pot every now and then!) We like to explore new places together as a family, so working our way through this list works perfectly for us, as it combines our love of getting outdoors with going to new places, though I’m not sure we have any intention of bagging them all! We also love being in the middle of nowhere and wildcamping. It’s our way of being together, with no distractions and just having a good old laugh.

What a great thing to do as a family! You recently partook in a challenge, can you tell us about it?

We set ourselves a fundraising challenge to bag 20+ munros over 4 weeks, raising money for Tommy’s who fund research into miscarriages and pregnancy problems. We miscarried last year and our due date would have been mid-July but by doing something positive for a very worthwhile charity was the best way we could think of to honour our baby. We had a great time, it was on the right side of challenging for our son and we combined a few wildcamps during it too, which is always fun.

We try to include our son in planning our adventures as much as we can, so he’s living his adventure too and he asked to bag a munro in time for sunrise. We cycled in and found a spot to wildcamp, set our alarms for 2am and trudged our way up in the dark. Our son loved it, and we reached the summit just as the reds really came in to colour. It was so special, he’s definitely our favourite adventure buddy! In total, we reached 22 munros, walked 104km with 7500m of ascent and have raised just over £1000 so far. (Donations still open until end of September! – LINK)

Wow, what an amazing thing to do! It can’t have been easy for you, what would you say is your biggest challenge when heading out on your hikes?

Tiredness! Whether from our son being a naturally early morning riser, or from a bad week at work, the weekends can feel hard sometimes. However, staying in is not an option for us! There’s definitely no such thing as a duvet day with our 5yo and we tend to roam the house like a bear with a bad head, itching to get outside. Everything feels so much better when we do. Sometimes, our son would like to stay in and build lego stuff all day long if he could or watch tv the whole time, but once we’re going and away from those 4 walls, it’s easy, life is simple and we all feel so much better for it.

It’s amazing how the outdoors can have that effect, the tiredness is quickly forgotten when you get out there. what does the future hold for the adventure family?

Who knows? We’ve always struggled with the 9-5, 5 days a week job expectations, and are struggling even more so since the summer. We’re looking at a few different options, but as long as there’s mountains and wildcamping possibilities, we’ll be a very happy family!

Sometimes no plan is the best plan. What advice would you give to someone looking to head out on their own adventure, maybe with their own children?

Start small. Every adventure doesn’t have to be epic. Build up to whatever your own definition of adventure is. Have fun and be flexible with it. If adventuring with your kids, listen to their ideas and see how you can get them to happen! They often think of the best oddball ideas! Every day is a school day adventuring!

Hev loves a good motivational phrase! Do you have any words to live by?

Carpe Diem

Life’s too short

What’s the worse that can happen?

And our son’s favourite….. Ninja Go!!! (From Ninjago cartoon)


You can follow the adventures of this amazing family on Instagram or Facebook or over at their blog: An OutdoorsFamily

If you’d like to donate towards the cause you can do so here.

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