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You should keep getting outside in winter- here’s why

As we move into the colder, wetter months of the year our adventures slow down and the sofa starts to look rather inviting. Instead of taking the easy option, why not get out on your usual adventures and learn more about yourself while putting your skills to the test? Wrap up warm, pack a decent set of waterproofs, a headtorch and a hot flask and you’re good to go!You can have some of the best days out in the cooler months when the hills and rivers are less occupied and the sunrises and sunsets are even more spectacular. Waterfalls come into their own on the wettest of days and often you get to enjoy them in peace.

We learn so much when we endure a little hardship in the outdoors, skills and confidence that can spill over into our everyday lives and can help to get out and enjoy life more.


You’re more capable than you think

Navigating in the dark or fog or driving rain takes a little more skill and a whole load more concentration. Do it and your confidence and knowledge will grow way more than it would should you navigate on a clear sunny day.

Paddle a river in spate (with someone you trust to rescue you) and those support skills and quick decision making gets put to the test. The more you use them, the more you know you can use them.

Being uncomfortable isn’t that bad

Walking for 5 hours with wet feet, climbing with numb toes or getting a good coating of mud from you bikes wheels. None of it will kill you, but you may have the most fun you’ve had in a while. Once you’re wet, the rain doesn’t bother you. Once you’re coated in mud, jumping in it seems like A great idea.

Your comfort zone gets stretched

Good old comfort zone. The more you push it, the more it grows. The more it grows the more you can do. If someone told you you would run a marathon, over the mountains, in winter, tomorrow, it would be too much for most of us. Run a 5k, then a 10k, then a half, a half in winter and then think about doing it. It’ll seem possible and maybe even enjoyable because you’ve grown your running comfort zone. Push it. Always stretch out of it, you’ll be a better adventurer for it.

Our adventures help keep us healthy

The old ‘Catching a cold because you’re cold’ Things isn’t true. Exercise is good for our body, as is a bit of fresh air and spending time with friends. The ‘germs’ help build our immune system, walking and talking is good for your mental health and a daily dose of movement helps keep our tickers ticking. It’s harder to motivate ourselves when the weather man suggests a duvet day but those hot chocolates and slow cooker stews are super warming after a day in the elements.

So what extra kit do you need for the shorter/colder/wetter days?

  • Waterproofs, top and bottom. Preferably waterproof! (Never wash them in a regular wash!)
  • Headtorch. And a spare!
  • Extra warm tops. In a dry bag incase of emergency.
  • A group shelter/storm shelter. Worth it’s weight in gold in an emergency!
  • Warm drink or a stove.

Basically, defence from the elements and anything you would need to deal with an emergency, including keeping you and your party warm while you wait for the rescue services.

We’d love to hear about your winter adventures!

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