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We are outdoor instructors living and working in south wales. Our working hours are spent teaching and leading in amazing places and showing clients that they can achieve amazing things when they step outside of their comfort zones.

In our spare time we climb, hike, canoe, kayak, camp, run and generally enjoy the outdoors. You can find us on summer evenings climbing our local crags, coaching at the canoe club and BBQing in the back garden. Whenever we have a few days off you can find us travelling further afield to explore different areas of the UK.

We want to inspire you to go out and explore for yourself, to step out of your comfort zone and give you the basic knowledge to do it safely.


I grew up in Worcestershire, Damming streams, building forts and running around the Malvern hills.  At 18 I went to Uni in Liverpool where, on a whim, I studied ‘Outdoor Education with Environmental Education’ and fell in love with adventurous sports and a man named Joe.

Imported by Joe, I now live and work in the Brecon Beacons National Park. I spend my days teaching children about the world around them and taking them up mountains, into caves and down rivers and canals.

I like to Climb, Hike, Run and Canoe amongst other less adventurous hobbies such as cooking and crafting.


I’m from South Wales and have grown up on the local crags and rivers. From playing in streams and falling off rocks when I was young to now kayaking, climbing and all things adventurous.

I enjoy taking others out on adventures and showing them how easy it is to get confident and enjoy outdoor pursuits in amazing places.

You will also find me busy crafting away on projects like stage props, camper vans, ropes courses and making things from salvaged wood.



I was born on a farm near Ystradfellte, South Wales. I’m a welsh collie and both of my parents were working dogs. I threw up on Joe’s lap when they picked me up because I was so nervous but I’m a really happy doggy now. I like to run around the hills and forests all day and then eat 3 bowls of dinner before curling up on the sofa for cuddles in the evening.

I love playing endless fetch, chasing squirrels and rounding up children.

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  1. Shell @ Camping With Style

    3rd July 2017 at 10:07 pm

    Lovely reading your stories and finding out a bit more. What an amazingly fortunate whim! Your lifestyle sounds incredible 💚🌲🌱🐕🏔

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