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Why Ordinary People need Extraordinary Adventures

You don’t need to be an Arctic explorer, a Himalayan mountain guide or have sailed single handed across the Atlantic to have an adventure.

In fact, if you’re not one of these people (an Average Joe, if you will!) then you probably need adventure more than you know. For us mere mortals, an adventure can be anything that requires us to commit to take a leap. Something that pushes us out of our happy place and teaches us more about ourselves and the world around us.

5 Reasons to take that Leap

1. You’ll Learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible

Step out of comfort and into your own adventure and you will not return the same person. We learn something about ourselves in every challenge we undertake, whether it be that we are stronger than we knew, more emotionally stable than we could have imagined or that we can endure more pain than we thought physically possible.

2. You’ll have a higher tolerance

When you’ve been crammed into a tube like a sardine, run 26.4 miles in the baking sun or walked for what feels like forever in a whiteout, the medial things in life just don’t phase you. It’s easier to keep going when things get hard because you’ve endured something harder.

3. It’ll Change your perspective on life

Every adventure we have been on has shaped our perspective on life in different ways. When you’ve walked for days in the rain, a bit of drizzle doesn’t bother you. When you’ve spent days using a bush as your toilet, a dirty/stinky public loo can’t phase you. When you realise how great the street food tastes, who cares (within reason) what the food hygiene rating might be! This change of perspective can be a life changer.

4. It’ll help you Chill Out!

Not in a ‘I sat on a beach and now i’m feeling rested’ kinda chill out, A I guess I can leave the washing up until morning/go climbing and get a bit less sleep/go out wearing a less than perfect outfit/cut my partner some slack. Adventure changes your outlook on everything, the perspective you gain will make you chill out and realise that there’s more to life than the small things that worry you.

5. It’ll give you a heightened sense of Adventure

You push your comfort zone with every adventure you take, whether it be a trip to somewhere new, a long distance hike or signing up for an adventure race. Once you’ve caught the bug, the next step seems possible. A local mountain walk or days canoeing can lead to hiking solo across Scotland or travelling the world in your van. Whatever your adventure, start small and the bigger challenges will soon seem achievable.

Everyone’s Idea of Adventure is different. These change as you travel through life and one mans warm up is another greatest achievement. We can’t all be Ranulf Fiennes, Alex Honnald or Ellen Mcarther after all!

Alistair Humphreys defines adventure as this:

“Adventure is mainly in the mind. Adventure is an attitude. Adventure is doing something that is new. Something difficult. Exciting. Daunting. Something with a significant chance of failure and an enticing sense of satisfaction upon completion”

We want to inspire you to take a chance on your own adventure with our new series: Adventures of the Average Joe. A series of interviews with those that have taken a leap out of their everyday life to discover more about themselves and the world, through their own adventures. From swimming the length of Lake Windermere to selling the house and moving half way across the world.

If you’ve got a story that could inspire others to get out and take on their own challenge we’d love to hear from you!

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