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Review – Camelbak Hydration Vest

I was running, further away from roads on mountain trails, and it hit me that I’m more than a bit accident Prone. I realised that, if I hurt myself I’d struggle to get to a road, if it was cold I’d get hypothermic and it would basically turn a nice run in to an epic day. I needed something that could comfortably carry a spare layer, water, my phone, a few first aid essentials and some snacks.


  • ‘Designed to carry water bottle, extra layer, nutrition, phone, keys’
  • 1.5 litre Antidote reservoir featuring easy open/close cap, lightweight fill port, Dryer arms, and low-profile design
  • Sweat-proof phone pocket
  • Quick Stash front pockets
  • Flexible ‘Overflow storage’ on the back
  • High Vis strips (and brightly coloured) for extra visibility

Best Bits:

  • I can reach Everything I need while on the move
  • The vest stays where it’s supposed to, doesn’t move when I bounce down hills and keeps all of the items secure.
  • The layout of the storage allows me to skip the bladder on shorter runs or cooler days and opt for soft bottles with room to stash waterproofs in the back.

Minor Details:

  • My iPhone 6, in it’s Lifeproof case, doesn’t fit into the waterproof phone pocket, I use another pocket for it and hide my snacks in the waterproof compartment instead.
  • The clips that hold the water pipe put it in an odd place on me, I put it across my chest and tuck it into the tab on the other side giving easier access. The 2017 model seem to have rectified this and removed the clips altogether.

Final Thoughts:

This vest is great, big enough for all necessary kit and makes you feel slightly hardcore. It stays where it should, looks great on and is incredibly versatile and flexible depending on the days needs.

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